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Revista de educación en contabilidad, finanzas y administración de empresas
The Spanish journal of accounting, finance and management education

Aims and scope


This Journal is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing research-based papers and other information on relevant aspects of accounting, finance, business administration and management education written in Spanish or English.

Contents of the journal are intended to have relevance to practitioners, academics, trainers, students, professional associations and education policy makers mainly in the European Higher Education Area and Spanish context.

Therefore, the Journal aims to provide a forum to distribute the results of empirical studies, for exchanging ideas and experiences as well as to discuss normative issues in order to help the improvement of the education in the covered areas.

The Journal includes the following sections:

- Main articles

- Research notes

- Teaching and Educational Notes Section

- Case Section*

- Book reviews*

Manuscripts published in the Main Articles Section generally present results of empirical studies, although non-empirical papers could be considered. Short research papers of relevance could be published as research notes. Review of books, normative, and other short papers on topics of interest to the journal readers, including instructional resources that are not properly categorized as cases, could be published in the Teaching and Educational Notes Section. The journal aims to make available innovative teaching resource material that can be used by readers in their own institutions. Materials to be published in the Case Section should meet relevant educational objectives and be available for general use. Therefore, cases must be accompanied by comprehensive teaching notes.

Papers and other contents are relevant to the extent that they have the potential for contributing to the existing literature. Authors should therefore clearly state the contribution that the manuscript makes.

* Those sections will be open in special numbers